Ultra High Field / High Field NMR Reference Standards

1. NMR Sample Tube選用對照表
2. Standard Consumables for Liquid-Phase NMR
3. Consumables for Liquid-Phase small Volume and ExternalReference NMR Studies
4. Gas-Tight Consumables for Liquid-Phase and Gas-Phase NMR
5. NMR Reference Standards
6. Accessories for Liquid-Phase NMR
7. Consumables and Accessories for Solid-State NMR

NMR Reference Standards

Wilmad’s NMR Reference Standards are packaged in ultra-high field precision tubes to guarantee their performance in experiments over 600 MHz. Each standard comes with a certificate issued by Sigma-Aldrich®.
Wilmad’s NMR Reference Standards meet or exceed requirements set by NMR spectrometer manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers include Wilmad Standards with their instruments.

3 mm O.D. NMR Reference Standards

   5 mm O.D. NMR Reference Standards

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