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Replacement Parts for VT Systems

Need a replacement component for your variable temperature system?
Since Wilmad offers VT replacement components at prices significantly lower than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), why pay more? Wilmad components are equivalent or, in some cases, better in quality than you get from your EPR Spectrometer manufacturer.

You’ll get the best performance possible with Wilmad transfer dewars. Most are silvered for maximum thermal insulation. Where it has been possible, Wilmad transfer dewars are fully vacuum-jacketed, right to the end of socket and ball joints, so you get the most stable temperatures.
Bruker VT Transfer Dewar
The Bruker ER 4121 VT Variable Temperature System includes a long transfer dewar and a heater that goes inside it. The diameter and length of the heater and the transfer dewar has varied over the years, so choosing the right size dewar for your system was a real challenge.
Wilmad has made replacing the transfer dewar simple, though. Working closely with Bruker, we’ve developed two designs which work with all Bruker VT systems. The long version, WG-842-MX, works with all Bruker EPR spectrometers with magnets > 18 cm diameter. The shorter one works with all smaller magnets.

Wilmad’s versions of these transfer dewars are better than Bruker’s. We add a hollow ball joint for better thermal stability.

Only Wilmad makes a replacement for Varian’s E-257 Immersion Transfer Dewar!

Fully compatible with Varian’s E-257 VT System, this Immersion Transfer Dewar, Wilmad’s product number WG-760, incorporates a Kovar flange that fits the heat exchanger. It works better than the original transfer dewar of your VT System because it connects to the elbow transfer dewar through a jacketed socket.

This Elbow Transfer Dewar is better than the original you got from Varian!

You’ll get better performance with Wilmad’s WG-840 series of Elbow Transfer Dewars. That’s because we’ve redesigned the dewar to include a jacketed ball joint, so your cold carrier gas stays cold! No frosting!

It’s made with hooks that let you firmly hold the ball in the socket of the immersion transfer dewar (Wilmad’s product number WG-760) with springs.

You won’t need to rearrange your laboratory, either. Wilmad’s Elbow Transfer Dewars are available in three lengths, so you can choose the one that’s best for your setup. Call us for custom lengths.

Our special transfer dewar makes your VT setup more versatile!

Is the height of your replacement or new Nitrogen Evaporator Dewar too high or short for your VT setup? No problem. Wilmad has a solution. Our Bridge Transfer Dewar, WG-843, makes adjusting the flow path of your VT carrier gas easy!

Ideal for Bruker VT systems. Just turn the Evaporator Dewar Head around, place the Bridge Transfer Dewar between your long transfer and the Evaporator Dewar, and you cover the new angle.

This special transfer dewar can save you money and headaches. No custom manufacturing charges for a specially designed replacement part.

NOTE: While most EPR glassware is made from quartz, a few variable temperature components are actually made from Pyrex. Please note the material when ordering.