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Miscellaneous EPR Supplies
•Sample Handling Accessories
•EPR/NMR Tube Caps
•NMR/EPR Tube Racks
•NMR/ EPR Tube Labels
•NMR/EPR Tube Tip-off Manifold
•pH Electrode and Connectors

Sample Handling Accessories

Stainless Steel EPR Spatula

Handling powder samples is easy with the right tool; getting a tiny sample into a 5mm EPR tube should never be a struggle again. Unlike ordinary spatulas, our SST version fits into the most common EPR tubes. Add or remove samples easily; scoop samples with the round end, or pry stiff samples with the sharp-edged flat end. Freeze-dry your samples right in the tube because now they’re so easy to remove.

Many of our customers love this valuable tool. Order yours today!

Pipets – Manufactured By Wilmad-LabGlass

Use our NMR pipets for your EPR work as well for easy addition or removal of liquid samples from your EPR sample tube.

• Economical – compared to replacing EPR tubes broken using the wrong tools.

• Designed to reach the bottom of the longest EPR sample tube.

• Packaged conveniently in packs of 100.

• Two sizes are available to accommodate your tube length.

**Don’t forget to order your latex rubber pipet bulbs (804).

Note: Not recommended for heavy-walled NMR tubes.

Latex NMR
Pipet Bulb


Additional Pipets and Accessories

EPR Filters and Funnel
Our Sintered Glass EPR Sample Filters remove suspended particles 60 microns in diameter or larger.

Hamilton Gas-Tight Syringes
Gas-tight and inert, these specially selected Hamilton syringes are ideal for EPR sample handling. Use with stainless steel or Teflon needles.

Stainless Steel Needle
Needles are 2 inches long and have a beveled point. Ask customer service about longer needles.

NMR/EPR Tube Caps – Disposable

Disposable Tube Caps are manufactured from molded Ethylene Vinyl Acetate* or Polyethylene depending on the tube OD. The different colors help track samples based on various reference solvents.

Our popular 5mm size is available in eight colors.

New 5mm Polyethylene Cap for Automated Systems.

Packaged in bags of 100 or 1000 except where noted.

*Technical Tips:Please avoid using disposable NMR caps when CDCI3serves as the reference solution as the material(s) could be dissolved. When using CDCI3, we recommend PTFE caps (WG-1264-) which are only compatible with our Precision tubes.

**Replacement cap with hole for WGS-5BL.

***Cap for Automatic Sampling Systems; 5mm Tube.

Automated Handling Cap
NMR/EPR Tube Caps – PTFE



Pictured on tube

Our PTFE NMR/EPR Tube Caps are machined to exact specifications with smaller gyroradius and more homogeneous mass distribution than disposable caps providing better spinning stability. They are recommended for experiments at high – ultra high field and those using Chloroform as the reference solution. They will only fit our Precision tubes due to the tight tolerance.

NMR/EPR Tube Caps – Gas-Tight

Our Gas-Tight Tube Caps are ideal for experiments that require an air-tight environment under vacuum or low pressure less than 1 bar. Use with our Medium-Walled and Heavy-Walled NMR tubes for better seal and robustness in variable temperature experiments.

Serum Caps allow easy access via syringe needle.

NMR/EPR Tube Racks

Three styles available for our NMR and EPR Tubes
Lightweight polypropylene rack maximizes your benchtop storage capacity and is virtually inert.
Coated steel rack is completely encased in inert polyvinylchloride.

Stainless Steel Rack.

Pressure Sensitive NMR/EPR Tube Labels

These labels are a handy alternative to marking your NMR or EPR sample tubes. Each fits the circumference of the tube precisely with no overlapping to guarantee symmetry in spinning experiments.

NMR/EPR Tube Tip-off Manifold

How to make sealing your NMR/ EPR tubes easy!
If you struggle preparing NMR/EPR samples of air-sensitive mixtures, there is a simpler way! Use our NMR/EPR Tube Tip-off Manifold. You’ll find vacuum transfers, freeze-pump-thaws and sample sealing easy to complete. Fuse the manifold port quickly to your vacuum rack. The chemical resistance is excellent, only Viton®, Teflon®and Pyrex®come in contact with your sample. Tube connects to a threaded aluminum bushing isolated from the vacuum by a Teflon high-vacuum rotary valve. A twist of the wrist opens and closes both the rotary valve and port bushing.

pH Electrode and Connectors

Does your pH electrode fit into 5mm tubes? Most aren’t small enough to fit even a 10mm EPR tube. Not ours! The Combination pH Electrode for NMR/EPR Tubes fits easily into our thin wall 5mm EPR tube (e.g. 703-PQ).

It’s the only electrode your lab will ever need. It’s so versatile, it works for nearly all pH measurements.

pH Electrodes

Electrode Reference Solutions and Cleaners